Mountaineering- A Lifetime Experience

Nothing better sums up the outdoors than the centuries old human endeavor to scale mighty peaks. Mountaineering involves hiking, climbing or just simply walking on hilly or mountainous ground. It should be a worthwhile experience and one should capture some of the most amazing moments in life since lot of time and investment goes into learning the climb. Sometimes the only way to articulate even a smidgeon of the experience is by taking pictures .


In mountaineering one comes across different types of terrain- mainly snow, glaciers, ice or just naked rock. One needs to be physically robust, fit and display a decent level of athleticism and suppleness of body to climb mountains. Training, preparing meticulously for a climb and packing the right gear are all essential if one is looking forward to an ascent on a particularly challenging peak. The climb provides many opportunities for imaging. After all, there is no better feeling than being in the open pristine air and capturing the panoramic beauty of the mountains. One can also capture the extraordinary people, the unparalleled wildlife using a daytime  device like this or night time device like this this shear magnificence of the mountains.

Mountaineering is a passion for the adventure minded. Many people climb for pleasure and for the sheer thrill of conquering peaks near and far. But over time, the sport has split into several disciplines which involves various degrees of skill and preparation. Today climbers have the comfort of having the most advanced equipments and gear at their disposal.

The equipment for mountaineering includes backpack gear with the essentials being mountaineering boots, anti balling plates for crampons, ice axe loops, and of course, a good high quality backpack. The camping gear includes water bottles, sleeping bag, compression/ stuff sack for sleeping bag and other uses, headlamps, extra bulbs, fresh batteries, utensils, earplugs, knife, matchbox, lighter, toiletry kit and personal medicines. Outerwear and innerwear are also an important part of the equipment. The outerwear includes hardshell pants and jackets, windproof and waterproof, softshell pants and jacket, fleece to cover the ears, mittens, neck warmers, gloves and goggles. The innerwear includes light weight underwear, expedition weight underwear, fleece pants, fleece jacket and heavyweight socks.

Mountaineers have immense responsibility towards helping maintain an ecological balance and ensuring that the mountain environment is not harmed. The major concerns today for environmentalists and mountaineers are the receding glaciers as a result of global warming and green house effect. The mountaineer has an enormous responsibility towards helping maintain an ecological balance and ensuring a healthy mountain environment. While trekking, rock climbing and mountaineering, his actions must not have any impact or minimum impact on the environment especially with regard to trekking, camping, washing and disposing waste.

Mountaineering has medical concerns as well. Before any climb is attempted, one should make sure one is fit enough to endure anything and everything that the nature throws. Mountaineering may be a very exhilarating task and it is important for the body to acclimatise by giving it sufficient time.

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