Drone Pro Pack can Replace Both your Drone Case and MacBook Backpack

DJI provides a compact carrying case that fits the essentials for carrying and flying your drone, but it’s a handheld Styrofoam case and not a full drone backpack. You need a separate bag if you’re bringing a MacBook or camera or even an iPad that you may use as a display.

Drone Pro Pack fits all of the above: DJI Phantom 4 drone, extra batteries, chargers, any size iPad, DSLR cameras and lenses, up to 15-inch MacBooks, and even more all in a backpack.

The trade-off is Drone Pro Pack is not as compact as a standalone carrying case, but the all-in-one approach is super practical. Over the weekend I packed Drone Pro Pack with my Phantom 4, iPad Pro, 15-inch MacBook Pro, and Sony a6500 camera and hopped on my motorcycle to bicycle to a takeoff point a few miles away from my house.

Drone Pro Pack comfortably fits everything you need to capture and edit aerial footage without tightly packing your gear. Just twist your blades off and tuck your drone inside, a Velcro strap holds it in place, and multiple compartments accommodate spare batteries, chargers, cameras, and more

A padded zip up section along the back fits iPads and MacBooks securely, and compartments on either side hold smaller accessories like your keys, iPhone, wallet, or spare batteries.

Drone Pro Pack is a bit taller and heftier than your typical laptop bag since Phantom series drones aren’t super compact, but the amount of padding and adjustability makes it a comfortable backpack even while hiking or outdoor cycling. A buckle optionally connects both straps across your chest too which I found super helpful during my ride; my load was heavier than usual, but I wasn’t distracted by adjusting straps at all.

Just as any storm chaser, news gathering individual, or engineering photographer knows, the way in which you store your prize device will have a great effect on your ease of use and enjoyment of the drone.

One of my favorite things about Drone Pro Pack is leaving my Phantom 4 stowed away top down between flights and just popping the microSD card out to import footage and swapping batteries in between charges.

Drone Pro Pack is an excellent all-in-one drone carrying case and laptop/camera bag

Drone Pro Pack isn’t cheap at $199.95, but it’s a top-notch, quality drone backpack that can replace both your backpack and drone carrying case for aerial flying adventures.

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